How To Setup Your Own Ad Server In 2019 The Complete Guide

Having your own Adserver is a pretty big competitive advantage.

Not only does it help you optimize your current funnels but is also your ticket to exclusive inventory.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up Revive Adserver formally OpenX.

Personally, I have tried quite a few Adservers Epom, White Label and even Smart Adserver.

Problem is most are expensive and even a few are pretty shitty.

The good news is Revive Adserver is free…

While it may not be the best-looking interface, it gets the job done!

Setting Up Your Hosting

The first step in getting your Adserver up and running is setting up your server. Now if you already have a server that is great, however in this tutorial we’ll be using Namehero.

*Avoid shared hosting as running an Adserver will likely get your account suspended depending on the amount of traffic volume you’re doing.
Once you have successfully purchased your server, you should now be able to access your client area. While in your client area click on Cloud Web Hosting.

How To Setup A Cloud Host With WHM & CPanel

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How To Setup Revive Ad Server

DOWNLOAD: Revived Ad Server Download Page

Why Setup An Ad Server?

It allows you to “claim” inventory by doing direct buys. Doing a direct by allows you to put your ad code on a publishers property directly which allows you to bypass ad network fees and competition.

By having your own ad server you can also setup failover offers/properties to help monetize any non-converting traffic.

Have nowhere to send the traffic? Sell it to other marketers, ad networks or businesses.

You know I love to over deliver…

So one more tip for those who read my last post: Retargeting post

You can use the ad server to create rules on when to fire your remarketing pixel. So instead of just using javascript timers, you can also make the pixel fire only if they’ve had 3-page impressions etc!

Honestly, I wasn’t gonna share that one because it’s so badass… but cats out of the bag now.