Push Traffic Guide

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Finding profitable traffic for your campaigns as an affiliate marker is a never ending journey.

It gets even tougher, when large sources, those with the lions share of traffic dispise affililate marketers.

The good news is, every now and then a new ad type hits the market and changes up the game.

The lattest such ad type, is push traffic, more specifically web push traffic.

This guide has everything you need to know about push traffic and how you can take advantage of it.

What Is Push Traffic?


Push traffic as a whole isn't new.

In fact mobile push traffic was one of my most profitable sources several years ago...

Smartphone users that had installed apps on their phone, were not only presented push notifactions about the app but also ads, if the app was a publsiher for a push network.

Until Google & Apple put a stop to them...

What is unique about this "second generation" of push traffic is the user doesn't need to install an app on their phone.

Instead the push notification is sent directly through the browser, if they've subscribed to a push list.

For a user to subscribe to a list, they must visit a site that is growing such a list.

A great example as I'm sure you've seen, is when you visit my site and arn't yet on my push list, you'll see a notification like this:

After clicking "Yes, Please!" you are added to my push notification list, which allows me to send you updates about new blog posts, guides, etc.

Now don't worry, I won't be selling my push list subcribers to a push advertising network...But the process is the same

Growing Your Own Push List

The "legitiment" way a push list is suppose to be used, is to update site visitors on new content, announcments etc.

There are several companies out there that much like an email marketing tool, allow you to grow and manage your own push list.


The nice thing about pushcrew is they allow you up to 2,000 subscribers on their free plan.

This allows you to start growing your own push list if you so decide.

Subscribers can be put into segimented lists based on pages they visit, links they click on your site and even based on OS, Browser and user agent.

These segmented lists allow you to send push notifications to users based on either one time push campaigns or automated sequences.


Much like pushcrew, OneSignal also has a free plan allowing you to grow a list of up to 30,000 subscribers.

OneSignal, unlike pushcrew however, sells the data of your subscribers to third parties.

If this doesn't bother you and you would like to grow a much larger list without having a month subscription, OneSignal is the way to do it.